Non-stick coating

The use of PTFE non-stick coatings can effectively prevent the adhesion of
z. B. Prevent foodstuffs, adhesives, rubber, plastic materials on metallic surfaces. Non-stick coatings can be applied very well to aluminium or steel and are suitable for operating temperatures up to 250 ° Celsius.
Some of the non-stick coatings we offer are suitable for direct contact with food.



  • adhesion-repellent
  • self-lubricating
  • chemical-resistant

The application of FEP reduces the wettability of surfaces and viscous substances can thus be effectively separated from the coated surface. FEP coatings also adhere very well to aluminum and steel and can be stressed up to 250 ° Celsius.

Areas of application for non-stick coatings are e.g:

  • Food industry
  • automobile industry
  • Chemical industry
  • packaging industry
  • Textile and printing industry
  • Paint and varnish industry
  • Plastics and rubber processing
  • medical technology
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